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Just a little blog all about Ingrid Michaelson =)

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Love Somebody

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I love Ingrid <3 i’m so happy most of her newest album songs are branching out mainstream. 

We’ll go
Our own way
We got one life today

So when the lights go out, and the sun burns down
We’re gonna climb this night singing “oh oh oh”
It’s the last time now
In this one night town
To sing “oh oh oh”
We’re singing “oh oh oh”

ingridmichaelson: This. Song. Is. Saving. My. Life. Right. Now. Dramatic?

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Ingrid at Fresh 102.7 

Ingrid at Fresh 102.7 

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fight, i can fight, i can punch back the night
if you say I can lay right here by your side


Be OK I just want to be 

OK I just want to be OK

I just want to be OK I

Just want to be OK, I just

Be OK - live (parody version)

ingridmichaelson: ALS ice bucket challenge! I nominate @lennonandmaisyofficial, @WillChaseMe and @taylorswift.


Ingrid Michaelson nominated Taylor for the Ice Bucket Challenge!